Global Recovery Net by Law Firm Germany-Feinen

recoveries and debt collection services all over the world

Debt Collection Germany - Our home ground

The Law Firm Feinen International is working on no win, no fee, no cure, no pay, basis and is specialised in international debt recovery, global collection services, legal recoveries, German commercial law, contract law and insolvency law.

Your advantages:

  • no long-termed contractual binding
  • no win, no fee / no pay, no charge
  • no minimum turnover
  • no Start-up fee, no upfront fees
  • no hidden fees
  • We generally start from debts of 600 EUR / 600 USD / 600 GBP upwards

We are conducting debt collection and claim recovery, in Germany we are conducting court proceedings, litigations and finally enforcement proceedings.
Furthermore, we assist you in insolvency proceedings of Your debtors as well - all proceedings are managed and supervised by experienced Lawyers.

The advantage: as a Law Firm we consider all stages of collection from the first request for payment (dunning, demand letter) up to recovery by the final judgment and enforcement by bailiff and block of bank accounts.

As Lawyers, we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

Debt Collection Europe - Our speciality

We are part of a network of 80 countries, all over Europa, United Kingdom, GB, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. We have also co-operated partners for example in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Debt Collection worldwide - Our service

In addition to our activities, our partners in many countries of the world are at your disposal to enforce your claims in the best possible way.